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As Google Reader is dying, I needed a tool to retrieve all my starred and shared items. Exporting through Google Takeout was not enough, it exported files that I could not open anywhere, and was cumbersome. I needed something more user friendly and a solution to read the data that was backup.
This app is my solution:
It imports starred and sharred items from google reader, while it is still alive
It exports to XML Atom feed file, that can be opened in any Feed reader; and exports to ENEX Evernote file, that can be imported in your evernote notes.

Mobile Server

Web Server in a Pen Drive

Portable PHP & MySQL Server. Works entirely inside a removable drive, without the need to install in the computer it will work. This solution works for those who need to show your site working, in a computer that does not have a internet connection.

Fonte: https://sourceforge.net/projects/mobileserver/

Clinic MED

Welcome to Clinic MED, an open source application for Professional Clinic Management licensed under GPL Authors Developer: Erick Romero Owner: Alexander Amato Project

Help: http://software.amato.com.br/Clinic_MED/index.html

Sourceforge page: https://sourceforge.net/projects/clinicmed/ Download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/clinicmed/files/?_test=var1


Recent Update Drupal module

This module creates a Recent Update by any admin block. This block can be used in the front page.
It was created to solve a problem that HON Code requires a last updated information for whole site, not only each node:
Principle 4. of Attribution of HON Code:
Cite the source(s) of published information, date medical and health pages



Gestational Age

Last menstrual period Due date calculator and Ultrasound expected delivery date calculator. Gestational age calculator. To be used by Gynecologists and Obstetricians, but so easy that pregnant womans can use it too.
When you start announcing your pregnancy, everyone will start asking what your due date is. While this date can help you plan your life around your birth, there is no precise way to tell for sure what day your baby will be born. Every pregnancy's due date carries a plus or minus two weeks. In fact, less than four percent of women actually deliver on their due dates.

Extract Regex

Data mining and parser for regular expressions. Extract Regex allows extraction of terms from text based on a regular expression.
You can create your own Regex expression, use the built in expressions (emails, uri, url, US Address, US Postal code, credit card, phone numbers, dates, and many others) or get regex expressions from many sites.

Extract URLs

Extract URLs is an app to extract and collect urls from a text file (html, rtf, txt, or any text format). Paste or drop your text file and it will automatically list all the URLs present in this file. Simple and practical. Does exactly what is said. No more, no less. Very usefull to analyse HTML pages and export its URLs. All URLs can be exported to CSV file that can be opened in Excel, Numbers, Libreoffice. Download: http://itunes.apple.com/pt/app/extract-urls/id500555463?mt=12

Extract Words

Extract and count words from pasted text, export results to CSV table that can be opened in Excel, Libreoffice or Numbers.

Extract the most used words in a text has many utilities:
1) Extract most used words from baby histories and then print those words to teach reading (Extract Words does not print words, you need to paste it in your favorite text editor)
2) Text to be published can be analysed if it is using too many repetitions, avoiding bad quality text


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