Amato Software Announces Launch of Art in Black & White an Innovative Grayscale Photo Software Choice for Mac Computers

Art in Black & White is a new grayscale software app from Amato Software providing a simple to use photo option for Mac computers that produces very high quality images.  Users have responded with enthusiasm.


June 30, 20015


Finding an affordable and powerful photo software choice for Mac computers, which doesn't take up a huge amount of space doesn't have to be a challenge.  Amato Software recently announced the launch of Art in Black & White a grayscale photo software app that provides high quality images and is fast and easy to use.


“Our new software Art in Black & White delivers a huge amount of value to users,”  commented a spokesperson from Amato Software.  “While Photoshop is certainly Amazing, it's not the right fit for everyone, including those who want something easier to use, more affordable and that takes up much less space on their computers.”


According to the company, the software features 18 different grayscale algorithms and is an excellent choice for both photographers and anyone who loves to take photos.


Early feedback from users has been very positive.


A. Tongder, recently said in a five star review, “This is a very good photo editor. It can create cool black and white images.  I really love this app, and think that it's fun. I just wanted a simple easy to use app for this features and this one definitely had that.  There are also a lot of photo filters and other customizable options.  This app just make everything so easy!  Highly recommend.”


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