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Lipedema é doença do tecido gorduroso com deposição nas pernas e braços. Este aplicativo centraliza informações sobre esta doença. Conteúdo de alta qualidade sobre lipedema.

Baixe o App Lipedema aqui (versão para Android por enquanto, se houver interesse faremos a versão iOS)


iOS App goniometer for measuring ankle ankylosis.  It can be considered as of paramount importance in the pathophysiology of patients with CVI since total and permanent ankle ankylosis prevents patients from being healed. In general, ankylosis is not a spontaneous complaint of patients with lower limb ulceration, even when it causes deformities and limitations. Ankle motion depends on an efficient contraction of the triceps surae muscle, which is considered a fundamental part of the calf muscle pump for the venous return from the lower limbs.

MAC Address spoofer for Mac

I created this Desktop app for helping me to MAC Address spoof in my desktop Macbook. I don't want to search for terminal commands when I need to change my MAC Address because often, I am not connected to the Internet at this moment. So this app does all the job for me. It also helps to recover original MAC Address without rebooting.

Extract MP3 Id3tags

Precisei extrair de uma pasta de arquivos MP3 o nome da musica e artista para cosneguir criar um playlist com o Playlist Converter para o Spotify. Como o playlist converter aceita uma lista de nomes de musica, criei um extrator dos nomes das musicas dos arquivos mp3.


Folder Inventory

Print all the files, or a list of all the files, in a folder.
It is interesting how a simple task can be so difficult sometimes. Exporting a text file with all files recursively inside a folder is almost impossible without this app.
Also, this app can print all the files inside the folders, and you can make an inventory of it.


Vein Camera

Vein Camera is a smartphone/iPad vein finder app. It turns an ordinary smartphone camera into a vein-viewing device without the need for external equipment.

This app enhances visualization of green and blue channels. Change filter settings to improve more green or more blue. Doing that it is possible to enhance visualization of bluish and greenish veins in the body.

Check-up Vascular

Check-up Vascular

Aplicativo para o médico que deseja fazer avaliação de triagem vascular para seus pacientes. Utiliza orientações científicas para a solicitação criteriosa de exames e encaminhamento correto para o vascular.
Os ginecologistas, geriatras, clínicos, cardiologistas, urologistas, e outros especialistas que se preocupam com a avaliação global de seus pacientes podem se beneficiar deste aplicativo.

Art in Black & White

Art in black and white

Discover a whole new world in black in white. Get creative and give a new dimension to your pictures by giving them a classy grayscale touch. Art in Black and White is fast, simple, and easy to use. Unlike Adobe Photoshop, Art in Black and White for Macs does not take up an immense amount of space and turns out cheaper to use too. No need to keep on buying the latest versions. Just pay once and you will always get the latest updates for no extra fee. Even though Gimp and Pixlr are free, they can only be used on a regular computer. 


In order to standardize the reporting and treatment of the diverse manifestations of chronic venous disorders, a comprehensive classification system (CEAP) has been developed to allow uniform diagnosis and comparison of patient populations.

Created by an international ad hoc committee of the American Venous Forum in 1994, it has been endorsed throughout the world and is now accepted standard for classifying chronic venous disorders.

Golden Hour

In photography, the golden hour (sometimes known as magic hour, especially in cinematography) is the first and last hour of sunlight during the day, when a specific photographic effect is achieved due to the quality of the light. This app calculates sunrise and sunset based on your GPS location.


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