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Animated gifs can be quite funny at times, for instance when users on your favorite forum use them as forum signatures. A single animated gif on a web page can slow down the loading of the page seriously, as it is not seldom that their size exceeds a couple of hundred Kilobytes. 

Video2GIF is a super simple way to convert any video that can be opened by Quicktime (mov, m4v, mp4, mpg, H.264, 
flv, wmv, avi, xvid and others*) to Animated GIF. 

The smartest and simplest Animated GIF converter. Just load your video file, crop it and export to GIF. Select number of frames, delay between frames and the GIF is ready to be shared anywhere. 

Video2GIF is the best choice to convert movie clip to animated gif by freely setting start/end time, speed of clip. Set even your frame rate. 

You can effortlessly trim and convert any video segment to the popular web format .gif. 

If you like to create animated gifs from time to time, or want to start that habit, then you may certainly find Video2GIF useful for that task. 

* some movie codecs require Quicktime Perian plugin (which is free). 

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