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As Google Reader is dying, I needed a tool to retrieve all my starred and shared items. Exporting through Google Takeout was not enough, it exported files that I could not open anywhere, and was cumbersome. I needed something more user friendly and a solution to read the data that was backup.
This app is my solution:
It imports starred and sharred items from google reader, while it is still alive
It exports to XML Atom feed file, that can be opened in any Feed reader; and exports to ENEX Evernote file, that can be imported in your evernote notes.
It also have a simple Feed Reader, that allows the backup data to be read anytime offline.

This is a working app,there are still points that need to be improved. I only released that early because the famous online Reader is dying, everyone shall be able to backup your data in a comprehensive format.
Please support this app, give a good rating and tell your friends. That’s the only way I can keep this project alive, and make it better for your own use.


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