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Extract Emails Pro

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Extract Emails Pro is a simple and powerful app that allows you to extract all emails inside files recursively in any folder and export them to a CSV file that can be opened in Numbers, Excel or Libreoffice. You choose the folder to be analysed, and all the files are searched for emails, a list with all the emails is created and can be previewed and exported to a table file. 
So you have many doc,txt,rtf files with lots of recipients that interest you? No problem, open the folder in Extract Emails Pro. 
You can, for example, search and retrieve all emails inside your Mail folder (~/Library/Mail/V2).
You can now export your long email list in a format that can be opened in many systems. It is useful to create personal mailing lists retrieving emails from documents files (Word, PDF, Pages, TXT, RTF, webpages, email messages and more).

Faster than ever !

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