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Surface Length 3D – OsiriX Plugin

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Important Notice about SurfaceLength3D. It is not certified as a commercial medical device for primary diagnosis. Hence, there are no FDA/CE-1 certifications. You can only use this OsiriX plugin as a reviewing, research or teaching software, not for primary diagnostic, used in clinical workflow and/or for patient care. This plugin uses surface rendering and creates paths over those surfaces, measuring it. It can also do direct (straight) 3D measures.

Surface Length OsiriX Plugin from Alexandre Amato 

Configuration: You need to set Under the PreferencePane Universal Access there this setting: Enable Access for Assistive Devices. Download: File Attached to this post. By downloading this file you agree that it cannot be used for diagnosis nor patient care. Only for research purposes. This plugin does not work with 64bit OsiriX. We had problems compiling VTK 64bit libraries. If you download this plugin, please leave a comment below. Tell us your name, where are you from, how this plugin will be used, and your institution. Thanks

Surface length 3d osirix from Alexandre Amato 

Amato Alexandre Campos Moraes. Surface Length 3D: Plugin do OsiriX para cálculo da distância em superfícies. J. vasc. bras.  [Internet]. [cited  2017  Jan  10]. Available from:  In press  2017.  Epub Jan 05, 2017.

Surface Length 3D: An OsiriX plugin for measuring length over surfaces 

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