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Check-up Vascular

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Aplicativo para o médico que deseja fazer avaliação de triagem vascular para seus pacientes. Utiliza orientações científicas para a solicitação criteriosa de exames e encaminhamento… Read More »Check-up Vascular


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In order to standardize the reporting and treatment of the diverse manifestations of chronic venous disorders, a comprehensive classification system (CEAP) has been developed to… Read More »CEAP – VCSS

Valor Cirurgico

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Calculadora de distribuição de valores cirúrgicos. Como o calculo de distribuição para auxiliares, instrumentador e anestesista é chato de ser feito, esta calculadora se propõe a… Read More »Valor Cirurgico

Apgar Score

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The Apgar score was devised in 1952 by the eponymous Dr. Virginia Apgar as a simple and repeatable method to quickly and summarily assess the… Read More »Apgar Score

Clinic MED

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Welcome to Clinic MED, an open-source application for Professional Clinic Management licensed under GPL Authors Developer: Erick Romero Owner: Alexander Amato Project Help: Sourceforge… Read More »Clinic MED


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Animated gifs can be quite funny at times, for instance when users on your favorite forum use them as forum signatures. A single animated gif… Read More »Video2GIF